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Challenge your lifestyle with luxury caviar


Driving a Sustainable Future of the Caviar Ecosystem

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I would like to introduce you to Caviar Supreme brand. Caviar supreme was Established 5 years ago, supplying Michelin star restaurants such as Atera, Bouley, Giorgio Armani , Il mulino and others .

You can not find caviar of equal quality in stores or trunk of someones car  ( ha ha ha ), simply because that product has never been frozen or added any preservative to prolong shelf life of the caviar.

Every order gets delivered next day in a box designed as a mini fridge with ice underneath to maintain freshness of the product. Makes a great gift for someone special for any occasion

Operational Excellence


Preservation of this delicaty


In the realm of gastronomic treasures, caviar holds a place of honor, revered not only for its delicate flavors but also for the intricate balance required in its cultivation. The art of preserving this delicacy lies deeply rooted in measured culture, a practice where meticulous attention to detail ensures sustainable harvests and the safeguarding of our aquatic resources.

Measured culture, in its essence, is about harmony between human intervention and the natural lifecycle of the sturgeon. It's a commitment to conscientious practices, balancing our present delights with the future's needs. This approach not only maintains the population of these noble fish but also ensures the consistent quality of caviar that connoisseurs have come to expect.

The tradition of caviar is a tapestry woven through time, passed down and perfected across generations. It is an art that respects the rhythms of nature, a craft that has been honed by the hands of time, and a legacy that carries the wisdom of the past into the innovation of the future. By upholding these age-old techniques while embracing modern sustainable methods, we honor the lineage of artisans and the fish that are the very foundation of this luxury.

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As guardians of this tradition, we are entrusted with a legacy that transcends mere taste—it is a ritual, a symbol of heritage, and an ongoing conversation between the past and an ecologically aware future. In preserving this delicacy, we celebrate not just a culinary masterpiece but a lifestyle that values the past and cherishes the environment, ensuring that the legacy of caviar continues for generations to come.


Our fresh delivery promise ensures that each tin of Caviar Suprême arrives at your doorstep with its freshness intact, embodying the peak of flavor and quality. We meticulously monitor the journey from source to table, guaranteeing that every exquisite bite is as fresh as it is luxurious.


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Meet the Founders

As caviar specialists, we understand consumers demands and expectation of quality and freshness. Not only do we meet and exceed these expectations but, we ensure that our products are never frozen. We use an minimal salt percentage as a preservative allowing the true flavor of the caviar to shine. 



The founder of Caviar Supreme grew up immersed in the world of superior quality caviar, fostering a deep-rooted passion for this luxurious delicacy. A self-made international personality, she tirelessly travels to source the finest caviar productions, ensuring only the best selections bear the Caviar Supreme label.

Her commitment extends to collaborations with renowned restaurateurs, passionately showcasing her brand's products in elite culinary circles. Her journey is one of continuous exploration and devotion, always striving to deliver excellence in every caviar experience.

Portrait of Kristina

VP Marketing


The Marketing Director at Caviar Supreme brings a wealth of expertise in marketing and digital marketing. With a track record of successfully launching brands in highly competitive European markets, he is the driving force behind the dynamic branding and expansion strategies of Caviar Supreme. His strategic insight and adeptness in today's complex digital landscape have been instrumental in establishing Caviar Supreme as a leading name in the luxury caviar market.

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Caviar Supreme in the News


Michelin star chefs and restaurateurs celebrate Caviar Supreme as a top purveyor of premier quality, hand-selected caviar. Based in New York City with strategic partners across the UK, Italy, France, Israel, Uruguay, and Asia, we bring the finest delicacies of the sea to tables around the world.

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